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Watery Eyes? It Could Be a Surprising Sign of Dry Eye Syndrome

Feb 1, 2024

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Do your eyes constantly feel scratchy, gritty, or irritated? Are you reaching for tissues throughout the day because your eyes won’t stop watering? You may think it’s allergies or something stuck in your eye, but it could be something else entirely: dry eye syndrome. It might sound strange, but dry eye syndrome often leads to watery eyes. Keep reading to learn more about this common condition, its other symptoms, common causes, and how to find relief.  

Understanding dry eye syndrome 

Dry eye syndrome happens when your eyes don’t make enough tears or when your tears are poor quality. Normally, your eyes produce a steady flow of tears to lubricate your eyes and keep them healthy. But when there aren’t enough tears, your eyes become dry and irritated, causing discomfort, blurry vision, and other symptoms. Some common causes of dry eyes include getting older, hormonal changes, certain medications, environmental factors, and health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, Rosacea, and Sjogren’s syndrome. 

How dry eye syndrome can cause watery eyes 

You might be wondering how dry eyes can make your eyes water. Well, it’s because your body’s natural reaction to dryness is to produce more tears. However, these tears aren’t the same quality as the ones that normally lubricate your eyes. They’re often too watery and don’t have the oily layer that helps prevent evaporation and keep your eyes moist. As a result, you can have both dry and watery eyes with dry eye syndrome. 

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome 

Along with watery eyes, dry eye syndrome can cause several other symptoms that you should look out for. Some common symptoms include: 

  • Burning sensation 
  • Stinging or itching 
  • Redness 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Blurry vision 
  • Eye fatigue 
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses 
  • Eye discharge 

Treatment options for dry eye syndrome 

Fortunately, dry eye syndrome is treatable, and there are several options available to provide relief. Depending on the severity of your condition, our eye doctors in West Hartford and Farmington may recommend artificial tears, anti-inflammatory eye drops, or punctal plugs (tiny devices that keep tears from draining away). They may also suggest lifestyle changes such as avoiding dry and dusty environments, blinking more often, or taking breaks from screen time.  

At SIGHT, we offer effective dry eye treatment in West Hartford and Farmington, Connecticut. As every patient is unique, we offer a range of treatment options, including OptiLight by Lumenis (a non-invasive, pain-free dry eye treatment that uses light therapy to unclog your tear glands) and dry eye products. We will design a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs that will help you achieve healthy, comfortable vision. 

Dry eye syndrome can be a frustrating and uncomfortable condition, but there are ways to manage it. If you’re experiencing watery eyes, burning, or other symptoms, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor. At SIGHT, we offer comprehensive eye exams in West Hartford and Farmington, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment options to help you find relief. Trust us to help you see clearly and comfortably.