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Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation

visual functioning

Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation

Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation, Farmington, CT 

At SIGHT Multispecialty Center in Farmington, our doctors are expert providers of neuro-optometric rehabilitation treatment for individuals with traumatic brain injuries or neurological conditions that affect visual functioning. If you or someone you know is dealing with the debilitating symptoms of brain trauma or a neurological condition, our customized neuro-optometric rehabilitation may be a solution. 

What is neuro-optometric rehabilitation? 

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is a process that seeks to improve visual functioning and visual perception in individuals who have suffered brain trauma or have a neurological condition. It is based on the understanding that vision is a complex process that involves not only the eyes but also the brain and the nervous system. 

The goal of treatment is to help individuals regain the visual skills necessary for daily living, such as reading, driving, and performing other tasks that require visual perception and processing.  

Conditions treated by neuro-optometric rehabilitation 

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is an effective treatment for patients experiencing visual deficits due to brain trauma and various neurological conditions, including: 

  • Traumatic brain injury – A traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion, can affect various aspects of vision, including visual acuity, visual processing speed, and visual perception.  
  • Stroke – A stroke can cause vision problems such as hemianopsia, which is a loss of vision on one side of the visual field.  
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) – MS can cause a range of visual symptoms, including blurred vision, double vision, and optic neuritis.  
  • Parkinson’s disease – Parkinson’s disease can cause visual symptoms such as difficulty focusing and tracking moving objects. 
  • Other neurological conditions – Neuro-optometric rehabilitation can also be helpful for individuals with other neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and traumatic optic neuropathy. 

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation at SIGHT Multispecialty Center 

At our Farmington Multispecialty Center, we offer a range of services to help individuals recover from visual problems caused by neurological conditions or traumatic brain injuries.  

We understand that every patient is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to your care. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.  

At our office in Farmington, we begin the neuro-optometric rehabilitation process with a comprehensive eye exam. This examination will assess your visual acuity, eye movements, visual processing, and visual perception. Based on the results of this examination, our specialist will develop a personalized treatment plan that may include prism lenses, visual-motor exercises, and perceptual learning. 

If you are struggling with visual deficits caused by a neurological condition or traumatic brain injury, schedule an appointment today at our SIGHT Multispecialty Center in Farmington. We are here to help you regain the essential visual skills you need to improve your quality of life.