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Pediatric Eye Exam

Farmington, CT

Pediatric Eye Exam

As a parent or guardian, it’s essential to ensure that your child’s vision is healthy. Because many eye problems start at an early age, regular pediatric eye exams are an important part of detecting issues early and preserving long-term vision.  

What to expect during a pediatric eye exam 

At our Farmington office, we are deeply committed to the health, well-being, and success of children. Our passionate, caring providers are trained in both conventional and functional medicine. Using the most advanced instruments, technology, and treatments, we will: 

  • Assess your child’s vision 
  • Evaluate the overall health of your child’s eyes 
  • Assess any systemic health concerns 
  • Accurately diagnose visual disorders associated with learning and everyday function 
  • Develop a treatment plan together 

Benefits of pediatric eye exams 

Did you know that 80% of what a child learns in school is presented visually? This means kids with vision problems are at a significant disadvantage which can impact their learning and social development.  

Our pediatric practice focuses on improving, restoring, and optimizing your child’s vision by testing for visual acuity, eye health, and eye function. Our doctors, providers, therapists, and technicians understand kids. We engage young patients in kid-friendly, age-appropriate assessments and treatments and use the latest diagnostic technology to ensure accurate results. For example, we use Optomap retinal exam technology to produce a comprehensive image of the retina without dilation. This procedure detects 40% more retinal conditions and ensures a more comfortable experience for kids of all ages. 

When should my child see an eye doctor? 

To ensure good vision, the American Optometric Association recommends children have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months, a second exam at 3, and then again at 5 years of age. After that, exams should be scheduled annually. 

If you notice any signs of vision problems in your child, you should schedule an eye exam with a qualified optometrist. These signs may include: 

  • Frequent eye rubbing 
  • Squinting 
  • Head tilting or turning 
  • Difficulty reading or performing close-up tasks 
  • Complaints of headaches or eye pain 
  • Avoidance of activities that require good vision 

Medical and emergency eye care

We assess chronic and acute eye, corneal, and retinal conditions and can play a role in the management of systemic conditions such as diabetes. We can also evaluate and treat acute eye-related injuries, including infections or foreign body removal from the eye. 

Vision therapy assessment and treatment  

We specialize in the evaluation of children’s visual function, visual information processing, visual motor integration, visual/vestibular/auditory integration, and the primary reflexes associated with visual function. Using advanced technologies, we’ll check for visual, structural, or functional deficiencies. We also assess how accurately and efficiently your child’s brain communicates with other sensory systems.

Occupational therapy assessment and treatment 

We’ll evaluate how your child receives, integrates, and processes sensory information and its impact on learning, motor coordination, social participation, and the skills needed for daily living.  

Pediatric treatment and therapy 

We are the only office in the Farmington area that incorporates vision therapy, occupational therapy, and mind/body restorative disciplines, providing our patients access to a whole-body sensory approach. When assessments show a need, we’ll develop and implement effective treatment plans that may include vision therapy, occupational therapy, whole-body alternative approaches, or just a simple pair of glasses. Our practice is structured around patient education and preventative care, and we always include parents and children in our diagnostic and treatment discussions. 

For pediatric patients who need eyewear, we carry a wide range of frames in our West Hartford office. 

Schedule a pediatric eye exam in Farmington 

Eye diseases can affect people of all ages, even children. Scheduling regular eye exams will enable early detection and prompt treatment of any issues before they cause serious damage. Contact us today to schedule your child’s eye exam.