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iCare Tonometer

eye health tech

iCare Tonometer

Do you dread going to the eye doctor because you know you’ll have to get the “puff of air” test?   

At Sight in West Hartford, we use an exciting new method to evaluate your IOP (intraocular pressure) called the iCare tonometer. We strive to make our patients feel relaxed and comfortable during exams while simultaneously gathering the most accurate exam results possible. The iCare tonometer is one of the ways we accomplish this goal.    

The iCare tonometer is an advanced technology that can measure the pressure within the eye without using eye drops or the “puff of air.” The device is handheld and uses a light probe to accurately measure the pressure within the eyes within 1–2 seconds.  

How does it work? 

The iCare tonometer works by gently tapping the cornea with a small, disposable probe to measure the eye’s response. It does not require any eye drops or anesthesia, making it a more comfortable and less invasive method of measuring eye pressure. The results of the test are displayed on a digital screen, and our eye doctor will interpret the results and discuss them with you. 

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Don’t put off your comprehensive eye exam because you dread the “puff of air” test! We can measure your IOP quickly, painlessly, and accurately, without subjecting you to the discomfort of the “puff of air” test. Contact us today to book your eye exam.