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Double Vision

Farmington, CT

Double Vision

Vision Therapy for Double Vision, Farmington, CT

Is double vision, also known as diplopia, making it difficult for you to perform everyday tasks or affecting your quality of life? At SIGHT Multispecialty Center in Farmington, CT, we understand how frustrating and challenging double vision can be. We offer fully customized vision therapy programs to address the underlying causes of double vision and improve your visual comfort and functionality.

Understanding double vision (diplopia) 

Double vision is when you see two images of a single object instead of a clear, single image. It can affect one or both eyes and may be constant or intermittent. Some common causes of double vision include: 

  • Eye muscle imbalances 
  • Neurological conditions 
  • Refractive errors 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Eye conditions like cataracts or keratoconus 

How vision therapy can help 

Vision therapy can effectively treat the underlying cause of your double vision. By improving eye coordination, visual processing, and eye teaming skills, we can help you regain single, clear vision and reduce the impact of double vision on your daily life. 

Vision therapy process at SIGHT Multispecialty Center 

When you visit SIGHT Multispecialty Center for vision therapy, you can expect the following: 

Initial consultation 

We’ll start with an initial consultation to understand your specific concerns and medical history related to double vision. Our experienced team will listen to your symptoms and gather essential information to guide the evaluation process. 

Comprehensive evaluation

Our eye care specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your visual system, eye alignment, and eye movements. This assessment helps us identify the underlying cause of your double vision and determine the best course of action for your personalized therapy.

Customized therapy plan 

Based on the evaluation results, we’ll create a tailored therapy plan designed to address the specific factors contributing to your double vision. The plan will include targeted exercises and activities to strengthen eye muscles, improve coordination, and enhance visual processing. 

Binocular vision training 

Binocular vision therapy is a key component of our program. We’ll work on improving the coordination and alignment of both eyes, allowing them to work together as a team to eliminate double vision. 

Sensory integration techniques 

Our therapists will use sensory integration techniques to help your brain process visual information more effectively. This will help combine the images from both eyes into a single, clear image. 

Visual processing enhancement 

We’ll focus on enhancing your visual processing skills, enabling your brain to interpret visual cues accurately and reduce the occurrence of double vision. 

One-on-one therapy sessions 

Throughout your therapy journey, you’ll receive one-on-one attention from our skilled therapists. They will guide you through the prescribed exercises, monitor your progress, and make any necessary adjustments to the therapy plan. 

Progress tracking 

We’ll closely monitor your progress at each stage of therapy. Regular assessments will help us ensure that you are on the right track and achieving the desired outcomes. 

Education and support 

We believe in patient education and empowerment. Our team will provide you with insights and guidance on lifestyle changes and visual habits to support your progress during and after therapy. 

Schedule a vision therapy consultation in Farmington 

We are dedicated to helping you overcome double vision and improve your visual comfort and functionality. Take the first step towards clear vision by scheduling a vision therapy consultation for double vision in Farmington today. Let’s work together towards a brighter and clearer future for you.